About Us
We have initiated our R&D of the life science since 1981 and biomedical outsourcing services since 1990. Until 2002, we have successfully developed BioMedical PolyPeptide GlycoProteins & Herbs MediFormula that is a completed individualized medical solution to the human body to cure diseases and maintain the healthcare. We specialize in virus-related diseases and disintegrating virus in urgent cases. The achievement of our R&D is that we are 10 years ahead of any other biotech firms, since we don't have the following problems such as: (1) bottleneck of R&D, (2) issues of product life cycle, and (3) the increasing demand for personal tailored medical behavior.

We utilize the fundamental and applied research of life science and biological science for R&D. Our R&D team possesses expertise in biological science that many biotech firms are striving for. Based on our strong base of know-how, the time span of new product development has been significantly shortened while others in the industry are still at a bottleneck for product development.

With the current advance of biotechnology, we utilize natural peptide proteins and purified herbal extracts as materials for product development. Our research of the characteristics of proteins and herbs has been completed. This competency differentiates us from any other competitors in the industry. In addition, our completed clinical research will serve different needs among biotech firms and pharmaceutical firms to enrich their product lines and enhance the efficacy of their products.